Isabelle & Felicien

This is the couple everyone came to see at the Kizomba Mania Workshop. This couple is just simply amazing with their style, grace and technique. The ladies fell in love with Isabelle’s effortless style on the dance floor. I believe without a doubt they are about perfection in their craft.

Kizomba Mania with Isabelle and Felicien Teaching an Advance Kizomba Master Class

Isabelle and Felicien demonstrate unique teamwork when they teach together on the floor. I guess not only because they are husband and wife, but also that they are one of the few couples that still dance together after so many years; hence, the chemistry. At Kizomba Mania, they delivered a high-level performance on stage with elegance and class.

Additionally, Felicien and Dr Kizomba met for the first time at our workshop. They hit it off remarkably well and even hosted our Competition and Night Show.

Kizomba Mania with Isabelle and Felicien Kizomba Demo

I am really happy this couple was able to make it to our event.

We have a lot of respect for you guys. Hope to see you all soon.