Kizomba In Trinidad

Sarah Lopez is one of the most popular female Kizomba Artist in the world. Her YouTube videos have over one million views. She is known as the Queen of Kizomba.

In my country, Trinidad and Tobago, Kizomba was relatively new around the timing that Salsamology Dance Academy invited her to visit and conduct workshops in that genre. The year 2016 was most memorable in the history of Salsamology Dance Academy. It was the first time we ventured to bring an International Artist to our shores. We successfully brought the most renowned Kizomba female icon to this country, much to the delight of Kizomba lovers in the Caribbean.

Many people were surprised and excited that we were even able to bring her to our lovely island. It was an absolutely mind-blowing experience for all who attended her workshops.

I must say I have a lot of respect for her as a teacher, dancer and a person. She was very easy to work with and taught with her heart. I far as I recall she was the only artist to ever teach so many workshops over 3 days12 workshops to be exact, at all levels, including ladies styling.

Much respect to you Sarah and thank you for helping us to kick start the Kizomba Movement in Trinidad and Tobago.